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If you are working on a BITS laptop, you will find all data in the following folder:
If you are working on your own laptop you can download the zipped data folder.
To run qbase+, simply double click the icon on the Desktop:


Qbase+ is software to analyze qPCR data. It provides the user with an easy-to-use graphical user interface to accurately analyze qPCR data.

Data in qbase+ is arranged in a certain hierarchy: Project -> Experiment -> Runs.
The actual data that comes from your qPCR instrument are called Runs. So runs correspond to data files (typically excel files) containing the Cq values that were measured on a single plate during a run on the qPCR instrument. The number of measurements that you can do in a single run is limited. Therefore, in most cases you need multiple runs to do all the measurements that you need. Runs that belong to the same experiment are therefore combined in an Experiment in qbase+.
Connected experiments, all belonging to the same study/topic, are stored in a Project.

Analyzing gene expression

Creating a project and an experiment

Loading data into qbase+

Analyzing gene expression data in qbase+

Second exercise on analyzing gene expression data in qbase+

Selecting the best reference targets

Using GeneVestigator to select candidate reference genes

Analyzing data from a geNorm pilot experiment in qbase+

Checking the influence of the stability of the reference genes on the analysis results

miRNA profiling

Analyzing the expression of miRNAs in qbase+

Copy number analysis

Analyzing differences in copy number of DNA regions using qbase+

A bit more on data annotation

Creating a sample properties file

Annotating a full experiment

Copying data annotation

Using inter-run calibration

Analyzing data from different qPCR experiments that are spread over time in qbase+