QPCR analysis using qbasePLUS

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qbase+ is software to visualize and analyze qPCR data. It allows you to perform various types of analyses:

  • statistical analysis of gene expression
  • advanced copy number analysis
  • miRNA profiling
  • ChIP-qPCR analysis

Need help?

You can find the installation instructions on BITS qbase+ support page

! BITS only offers qbase+ to VIB scientists, you need a valid VIB email address to run the software

Biogazelle (the company who has developed the software) have written a manual with instructiions on how to use the software. Download Biogazelle's user manual

! Before you can download the manual you have to log on to the Biogazelle website [1] using your MyBiogazelle account. Use your VIB email address for setting up this account.

BITS training material

Exercises for the qPCR training

Below you can find the exercises of the qPCR analysis using qbase+ training:

  1. http://www.biogazelle.com/