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When you engage in certain activities on this site, VIB may ask you to provide certain information about yourself. It is completely optional for you to do so. Please note that the sole condition of our collecting your personal data is your explicit agreement with the Online Privacy Policy. The information that you provide is used as part of our efforts to keep you informed (via e-mail and via regular mail) about new and future campaigns, initiatives, activities and events. Your data will only serve these functions and will under no circumstances be transmitted to third parties without your explicit permission. In the event of us intending to use your data for newly defined purposes, we will keep you informed of at all times. You will be offered the chance to refuse to participate.

In accordance with the Belgian legislation of December 8, 1992 on the protection of privacy, you have the right to access and correct your personal information and privacy preferences at any time. If you believe that VIB has not complied with this Online Privacy Policy with respect to your personal information, or if you would like to react, have any other questions, comments or complaints about this Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.