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The experiment consists of two runs (plates): Run9 and Run10
The following samples were used:

  • 10 control samples: control1, control2…
  • 10 treated samples: treated1, treated2…
  • 1 no template control: NTC
  • 1 positive control: POS

The expression of the following genes was measured:

  • 2 reference genes: Refgene1 and Refgene2
  • 2 genes of interest: Gene1 and Gene2
There are two technical replicates per reaction.

Creating a new experiment

Loading the data

Close the Analysis wizard by clicking the Close wizard button and look at the data. Open both files simultaneously so that you can compare the annotation.

Copying annotation

Fortunately, qbase+ allows to copy and paste run annotation in a very simple manner using Apply run layout.

Nice ! However, qbase+ does not automatically clean up the samples list: the old sample names of the second run are still in the samples list.

We are going to add a custom property from this sample properties file to make a distinction between treated and control samples in later analysis steps.

Analyzing the data

Click the Continue wizard button.

Look at the target bar charts.

The samples of each group are biological replicates so you might want to generate a plot that compares the average NRQ of the treated samples with the average NRQ of the untreated samples.