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This page contains exercises of the BITS training session "Gentle hands-on introduction to python programming" and material of the Biopython training.


Python is a powerful programming/scripting language that is easy to use, and it's free! It has been around for a while and has gone through many versions; for this course we will be using Python version 2.7. This is not the latest version, but probably the most common at the moment. Note that it is important to know which version you are using, as there are differences between them - something that works in version 2.7 might crash when you use another version.

Training outline

Python is a programming language - like any language you have to learn the basics before you can start to do more interesting things. This course introduces the syntax and main concepts in Python programming, and should get you set up to learn more yourself. Also see the course announcement for an overview.


Python training

Biopython training


Note: these pages are being updated to Python version 3.6 from version 2.7. Some code might have been overlooked, so let me know if you find any problems

Day 1

Day 2

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