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BITS training sessions covering Hands-On analysis of biological data led to installing software on the BITS laptops. As participants often asked how they could repeat the training session back in their lab, we prepared Oracle VirtualBox [1] machines that reproduce the BITS laptops environment and can be installed on any average personal computers.

The different VM's contains all software used during the training as well as the data necessary to reproduce the exercises and access the intermediate results.

Handicon.png For the installation instructions, please refer to the separate WIki page Install_a_BITS-training_virtual-machine_on_your_computer

Please let us know if you encounter problems using the machines. You are welcome to share this information with whoever would be interested in using this educative material.

Handicon.png A separate wiki page details how to Create_a_virtual_machine_running_a_Linux_distribution_using_VirtualBox

List of sessions and corresponding OVA images on the BITS file server



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