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Play with tabular data in general

SimilarTo.png: qstats, filo, awk

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tabutils [1] are utility scripts for dealing with tab-delimited files. They make things a little bit easier than Awk or Bioawk for the hurried.

In this setup tab-delimited files can comment lines starting with '#'. They may or may not contain headers.

There are three main scripts: filter | merge | view

  • tabutils filter file.txt {criteria}
1 eq foo
Column 1 (first column) is equal to 'foo'
1 eq foo 2 lt 3
Column 1 (first column) is equal to 'foo' and column 2 is less than 3
Valid operations: eq ne lt lte gt gte contains
  • tabutils merge
Merges tab-delimited files together, combining common columns and adding uncommon columns.
  • tabutils view
Displays tab-delimited files, spacing columns appropriately to keep them in-line.


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