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PeakAnalyzer ([1]) is a Java GUI application driving two main utilities PeakAnnotator and PeakSplitter.

  • PeakAnalyzer can also be used at CLI and takes MACS results and refines the location of peaks. The main java graphical interface gives you access to other programs:

  • PeakAnnotator takes care of annotating peaks with transcript models

  • PeakSplitter splits peaks in sub-peaks for finer analysis


REM: All these commands are also available for scripting without graphical interface and are used in the ChIP-Seq CLI tutorial (TBD).

  1. Mali Salmon-Divon, Heidi Dvinge, Kairi Tammoja, Paul Bertone
    PeakAnalyzer: genome-wide annotation of chromatin binding and modification loci.
    BMC Bioinformatics: 2010, 11;415
    [PubMed:20691053] ##WORLDCAT## [DOI] (I e)

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