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Venn diagram can be used to summarize categorical data and outline intersection between different datasets.
Building a Venn diagram for two lists is an easy task, but what about making one from 3, 4 or 5 list?

Please read the recent points of view by alexander Lex & nils Gehlenborg in Nature Methods (08/2014) about representing sets and intersections[1]

BITS scripts to create Venn pots from precomputed counts

Please refer to the wiki page Create Venn plots from counts and download the code from the BITS GitHub repo[2].


software to build venn diagrams

  • R can generate venn diagrams from unlimited groups in minutes: here pieces of R code and examples (below a Venn graph example from 5 lists from the linked page)

Author: Thomas Girke, UC Riverside

software to build Venn-related diagrams diagrams

  • UpSet - Visualization of Intersecting Sets (web-server)

software to build BoxPlot diagrams

If Venn diagrams are nice to display recall data, Box plots are ideal to show data distribution in many more details than a simple average value. You can generate Bow plots in few clicks using the following web application.

  • BoxPlotR a web-tool for generation of box plots

  1. doi:10.1038/nmeth.3033

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