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Get the latest ahead of Print article only

You can tune your query with the following: pubstatusaheadofprint[All Fields].

If you want to get only final articles (the complement of the former query), use: pubstatusppublish[All Fields] instead (note the double-p in ppublish). For electronic publication, the last possible status, use pubstatusepublish[All Fields].

This is quite obscure since PubMed has a dedicated field PST (publication status) which for some reason known only at NCBI is not accessible in the query text-field. There are many other very attractive field types which only for some can be used for searching.

Queries examples

  • "last 30 days"[EDAT] -- Date the citation was added to the PubMed database => most recent last 30-days
  • use [PPDAT] instead -- aka [DP]: Date of publication of the citation (whether a print or electronic journal)
  • "your lab name"[Affiliation] -- aka [AD]: search affiliation field
  • "some ontology term"[MH] -- search the NLM's Medical Subject Headings controlled and hierarchical vocabulary
  • "some text"[TIAB] -- search title and abstract only
  • review[PT] -- e.g. Review, Clinical Trial, Retracted Publication, Letter
  • "free full text"[FILTER] -- [SB]: search only articles which are full text & free. 'loall' and 'full text' are also available.

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