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RNA-seq refers to the use of high-throughput sequencing technologies to sequence cDNA in order to get information about a sample's RNA content. [1]. In general, RNA is first converted to cDNA before being sequenced.


Information you can gather out of RNA seq is very diverse: this type of analysis requires perhaps more than other types of HTS a adequate understanding of the origin of the source material and the properties of the resulting dataset. That's because the transcriptome (the total of the RNA molecules present in a cell), differs between cells, tissues, developmental stages,... Hence, all the variability that allows a cell to respond adequately to its environment can be reflected into the transcriptome.

  • Insight in the nature of transcriptional active genes
  • splicing information of the genes of interest
  • quantitative information on the expressed genes
  • information on non-coding RNA molecules
  • information on the transcriptional active parts of genomes, when mapped to genome sequences


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