Identify 'Parkinson's Disease' Biomarkers using Genevestigator and IPA

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Genevestigator and Ingenuity Pathway Analysis are two commercial products made available to the VIB community to allow scientists analyze public microarray data and perform functional enrichment from gene lists or expression data.

Parkinson's Disease as a model to demonstrate Genvestigator and IPA integration

  • Use Genevestigator (GV: [1][2]) to identify potential Parkinson's disease (PD) biomarkers as compared to the normal brain tissue or to other sample groups present in the database.
  • Use Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA: [3][4]) to perform functional enrichment on various GV datasets and identify the underlying biology represented by in these gene lists
  • Build hypotheses on what happens in the brain of PD patient based on the obtained results and look for potential key activators / regulators leading to the identified networks or functions.


  The PDF white paper as well as all files associated with this white paper can be fetched from our server as a zip archive (link)


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