Flow cytometry

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FlowJo introduction

Slides and tutorials:


Files for exercises in zip format.

Advanced FlowJo



Software to install

The latest version of R and the latest version of RStudio and the follolwing
CRAN packages:

  • devtools
  • Rtsne
  • tidyverse
  • openxlsx
  • mvtnorm
  • BiocManager

Bioconductor packages:

  • BiocManager::install()
  • BiocManager::install("flowCore")
  • BiocManager::install("flowWorkspace")
  • BiocManager::install("flowAI")
  • BiocManager::install("flowDensity")
  • BiocManager::install("CytoML")

Github packages:

  • library("devtools")
  • devtools::install_github("saeyslab/FlowSOM")
  • devtools::install_github("saeyslab/FlowSOM_workshop")