Creating a workflow in Galaxy

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  • Run the tool (FastQC) on one dataset, and follow screenshots below to create a workflow of it.
  • Dernaseq extractworkflow.png
  • Dernaseq extractworkflow2.png
  • Dernaseq extractworkflow3.png
  • Now, make sure you have some datasets in your history, to run the workflow on.

Dernaseq manydatasets.png

  • Check your workflow by clicking Workflow in the menu bar at the top.

Dernaseq workflow usage.png

  • Click on the workflow and choose run: a new window appears
  • In a workflow you can select multiple input datasets. Click on small button next to Input Dataset.

Dernaseq workflow mulitpledataset.png

  • Select multiple dataset by holding shift and clicking on the datasets. The workflow will be run on them in parallel.

Dernaseq workflow mulitpledataset2.png

  • Click Run Workflow. The tool (here FastQC) is run on all datasets.

Dernaseq workflow run.png

After a while, all jobs will be finished. Workflows are a powerful tool!