Adding a new software repository for bioinformatics

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Software repositories (or repo's) are weblocations that host software installation files. You can plug-in into these repo's to install software. Software sources are very powerful. Whenever a PPA gets updated, you can get their latest versions. Always add only trusted sources.

Bielefeld Bioinformatics research group has decided to put their software in a PPA, a Personal Package Archive. This is a special type of repository.

You can add this repo to your system.

  1. Search on the PPA website for bioinformatics
  2. You get a list of PPA repo's containing bioinformatics software. Find Bielefeld Bioinformatics.
    Bibi ppa repo1.png
  3. On each PPA page, you will find instructions to include this PPA. Most importantly, find the name of the PPA.
    Bibi ppa repo2.png
  4. To add this PPA, open Software Sources on your system. This manages your software sources. You will need to enter your password!
  5. On the PPA button on the left side. You see the currently installed PPA repo's (normally it is empty).
  6. Click on the button at the bottom "Add a PPA" and enter the name of the PPA, here ppa:bibi-help/bibitools and click OK.
    Bibi ppa repo3.png
  7. The PPA repository is added. Always refresh the cache by clicking on the button at the top right.
    Bibi ppa repo4.png
  8. Close the Software Sources manager.
  9. Open the Software Center, and search for knotinframe.
    Bibi ppa repo5.png
  10. Now you can install software from Bielefeld just like that!

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