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Send a DNA sample to Complete Genomics (CG) for sequencing and you get a hard disk back delivered by mail! VIB cooperates with CG to sequence complete genomes of humans. This shifts the main occupancy of the scientist from sequencing to analyzing.

CG technology

General Information

  • A common genome consists of 5-7 billion paired-end reads (10^9) corresponding to an assembled size of 150-200 giga bases (10^9 bps)
  • The genome coverage (coverage width = fraction of the current reference genome where reads are mapped) is generally 95-97% but can be less in the case of genomes for which sequence quality is low or structural rearrangements are very broad (tumors).
  • The coverage depth (number of reads supporting any given base of the reference genome) can be expressed in several different ways but is generally comprised between 30x and 50x (with a lot of variability induced by the nature of the underlying sequence; eg repeats or monotonous polynucleotide tracks lead to lower apparent coverage due to mapping difficulties).

CG Data Analysis tools

  • CGA Analysis tools - Open-source software developed by CG for direct downstream analysis. Freely available for lot of platforms through SourceForge
  • Real Time Genomics - Commercial software which is the only one (until now, July 2010) that can handle CG reads.

CG tutorial