Protein Structure Analysis training

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Analyzing the protein structure of your protein-of-interest can be advantageous in multiple ways. It can help you discover regions which are good candidates to interact with other proteins. It can help you discover new domains. It can help with identifying differences with homologuous proteins and a lot more.

Setting up the tools

Everything should be set up and installed for you already for the training session. So this section is only here if there is real trouble or you want to set Yasara and FoldX up at home.

Protein Structure analysis exercises

Exercises created by Joost Van Durme, updated, refined and extended by Alexander Botzki

  1. Exploring the Protein Data Bank exercises
  2. Visualizing protein structures with YASARA exercises
  3. Comparing structures exercises
  4. Predicting the effect of mutations on protein structure exercises
  5. Predicting protein structure - homology modeling exercises
  6. Protein ligand interaction - from small molecule to protein exercises

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