Basic bioinformatics concepts, databases and tools

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This wiki page is dedicated to the training course "Basic bioinformatics concepts, databases and tools". You can find more information about the covered topics, software (installation instructions) and databases, additional useful links and recommended literature. Have fun!



Group Exercises on:

Files for the exercises:


Q&A added during the Basic bioinformatics training

Exercises during the training

During these three days you will make exercises using public web sites and software (freeware type) running locally on your PC. Because most people use Windows we will use a Windows installation. For reasons of convenience we will perform some of the exercises on published sequences that are already stored in files, which you can find in the list above.

Module 1 Searching sequence databases

Module 2 Sequence alignment

Module 3 Sequence analysis: motifs, structure and function prediction

Module 4 Beyond sequences: other relevant biological data sources

Module 5 Biological data integration and interpretation

Get social !

Perhaps the best tip of this course... Knowledge nowadays is not so much anymore stored in databases. Instead, if flows on the internet. Ask your colleagues world-wide! Very valuable bioinformatics resources are:

You can ask or check bioinformatics-related questions on these fora.

Also science seeker can be helpful. It aggregates many science blogs and allows you to search all them. And of course, Nature wouldn't be nature if they hadn't made a ranking of 50 popular science blogs.

Speaking of science blogs: there are many valuable bioinformatics blogs on the web:

  • Open Helix, my personal favourite, covers tutorials and FAQs for common bioinformatics tools. Also check out the Friday SNPpets (collection of popular weekly twitter feeds)
  • Mass genomics, a medical genomics blog with great article reviews
  • Getting genetics done, a well-maintained blog with a focus technical issues


Additional useful links

Recommended literature

Introductionary books on bioinformatics are listed here.